Rose Ke: Goldie Blox

by Rose Ke

On Tuesday, August 12th, we watched videos of girls doing programming on Made with Code because more males do programming and they also want girls to program. I code on Code Academy which is part of programming I think.

I then chose Goldie Blox because I was wondering what it was all about.
Sephora (who was leading the Goldie Blox) told us it was to attract girls to engineering. We built the Dog Dunk Tank. It was Goldielock’s dog who was dirty and her dog didn’t want to go for a wash so she put an attraction at the park and you have to throw the ball to the target so the dog will fall in and clean himself in the water. Here is the Goldie Blox dog dunk tank (under construction). When we built the tank, I accidentally hit the dog instead of the target.
goldie blox

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