Ottawa Entrepreneurs

What’s the key to building a really great tech team? Diversity!

On Tuesday, April 28th, 2015, four panelists traced their journey to entrepreneurship and shared ways on how build a project idea from prototype to reality.

Successful tech companies incorporate engineers, technical writers, creative types, graphic designers, coders, business developers, accountants, office managers, campaign specialists, community development officers, social media experts and more!

Panelists Martin Kratzy-Katz, Karissa Fletcher, Michael Baker and Josh Garelleck discussed questions entrepreneurs should ask of themselves, questions investors ask of startups, and questions entrepreneurs should ask about their customers and identified market.

Each voice added another dimension to the conversation on innovation.

Get better at recognizing opportunity. Build community and work together. Validate your hypothesis: Will customers pay for your product? Devote less time to what’s not working. Set a launch schedule. Consider a pre-enrollment program (advance sales). Create an exit strategy. Participate in international conferences. Advance your goals through skill development programs such as TIM (Technology Innovation Management). Make time for volunteering & pay it forward.

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