Cherry Ke: Prototype D

by Cherry Ke

On Aug. 14th we had a field trip to the trailer office of prototype D.

When we arrived at the community house at nine am, the door was locked, and Erica was running late. So not to be bored, Sephora our counsellor finally unlocked the door and let us go upstairs to play on the computers. Obviously I played Roblox.
When Erica arrived, she showed us a video about prototype D’s old office which was in a dark basement. So they earned money and bought a trailer which became their office on wheels!
The van came, and brought us to where the prototype D trailer was parked in Vanier. When I looked in, I was amazed! They built an upstairs on top of the trailer. It was very impressive!
They had solar panels to charge their computers and their 3D printers! They grew plants and vegetables on the roof, even peppers! Because I like peppers and if they’re going to sell them, I’m going to ask my mom!
Some people were scared of heights and thought they may fall off the roof and die! But it was basically impossible because there was string that made it hard to fall.
What I think is most impressive about this space is that prototype D staff(Janak Alford, Cleber Figueiredo and Kirill Fraidine) built the roof of the trailer and activated the solar panels. Prototype D designs websites, homes and balconies for other businesses.
When they design their 3D stuff, they use a more professional software than Tinkercad. But one of their computers isn’t that strong, so sometimes the program crashes.
solar panels

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