Welcome to Networking4Youth

Networking 4 Youth, a community-based resource for young job seekers, can help you to better identify current and emerging market cycles. At our speaker events, learn from seasoned panelists and peer to peer how to advance your career goals, identify market trends, form collaborative partnerships, build relationships with employers, effectively engage with social media tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and discover new ways to get involved and build your confidence.

Our economy is predominantly service based. To develop a career plan, it’s important to keep growing an understanding of services in demand.

For example, the film industry is more likely to succeed when it’s responsive to evolving market preference. Understand who will pay for your services or product. Pay attention to detail. Casting a male or female in a lead role can ultimately determine the success of a film at the box office.

Through dialogue and listening, community mentors can play a supporting role in your career development track. Identifying and developing work opportunities as a community can be a process – a sometimes gradual and exciting process that may require collective insight and sustained involvement to reach your career goals.

If you’re a community member interested in better supporting youth career development, or a student looking for work options, we look forward to hearing from you!