Visit to Shopify

On August 13th, 2015, campers from the Britannia Woods Maker Space learned about e-commerce on a trip to Shopify headquarters with Shopify staff, Wesley Ellis. Currently, about 8% of purchases are made online.

The percent of e-commerce sales are projected to grow in the coming years as more purchases are made on PCs and smartphones.

shopify (2) (1)

160,000 + businesses work with Shopify to sell their products online. Shopify provides web support and payment gateways to SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises).

Shopify data centres are located in Chicago and Virginia. In two years, the company has grown from 200 employees to over 700 in 2015. Other Shopify locations include Montreal, Toronto and Guelph.

Two campers share their reflections here:

I had a lot of fun lying down on all the mats, sofas and seats at Shopify. It is the most comfy office space that I have ever been to. I was thinking how I’d love if my mom could see the office too. Very cool.

-Hechun Ouyaung

Shopify is very big. They own the 11th floor all the way to the 6th floor :0 Lots of relaxation rooms Go kart racing room! FREE chip stand/

Hockey shirts with Shopify on back/The chive is the most popular item/ Apparel: Most popular category on Shopify/Rooms have names like mushroom kingdom/ In the meeting room there is a big TV and a 3-D printed chandelier/ Xbox!”

-Rose Ke




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