Film: 2015 Youth Makerspaces

Length: 4:28  Producers: Agamjot Singh & Erica Bregman Storyline: In 2015, over 150 parents, children, community partners and tech specialists gathered in Ottawa, Canada to develop and deliver “Maker and STEM” activities for beginners. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) workshops is not about the stuff we can make; it’s about the meaning we can … More Film: 2015 Youth Makerspaces

Six Lessons Learned from Short Film Production

In November 2015, Networking4Youth partnered with Agamjot Singh from CinematikOne on a short film production. The goal of the film was to collect, sort and create brief descriptions from 2015 tech-related youth events. Images appeared across social media sites and lacked a central location. We quickly discovered that gathering the data was the easiest part of film production. More challenging was sifting through the images and selecting … More Six Lessons Learned from Short Film Production