Sun Tech Greenhouse & LED lights

March 16th, 2016 – Day 2 of Maker camp: Agriculture, technology and music production.

Heather, our guide at Sun Tech Greenhouses, welcome Britannia Woods campers with open arms. We learned about Sun Tech Greenhouse through an annual program called Open Doors Ottawa. The city identifies 15-20 institutions/businesses open to site visits from the public. Sun Tech Greenhouse is an annual participant.

Did you know that cucumber plants, for example, absorb some, not all, rays of sunlight. The colour they absorb? Pink and purple. So LED lights installed at the greenhouse to support growth in the darker winter months are pink and purple.

Bees are purchased in boxes to pollinate plants and wasps are purchased in bulk to eat white flies. No chemicals used. Computers monitor the temperature in the greenhouse. Plants eat during the day and rest at night. Ottawa is the biggest market for sun tech produce, picked and shipped when they are ripe. As our multi-zone tour came to an end, Heather generously offered our campers platters of cucumbers, tomatoes, and mini red peppers. Sun Tech produce is sweet and fresh from the vine.  

heather suntechbees in a box


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