The Disappearing Coin

Refraction or Reflection? On August 22, 2016 campers from the Catholic Centre for Immigrants learned how to make a coin disappear with refraction. We experimented with light. Using a laser beam, we examined the red laser light as it contacts water. The water caused the beam to refract, or bend. Using many LED lights to create a strong … More The Disappearing Coin

DIY Homopolar Motors

August 15, 2016 – With support from Team TREC, campers at Catholic Centre for Immigrants built homopolar motors with three basic supplies: AA battery, copper wire and rare earth magnet. Copper wire is a conductor and AA battery provides the current. Learning Outcomes: Current, Rotation, Rotations per Minute (RPM), Magnetic field, Rare earth magnet, Wavelength, … More DIY Homopolar Motors

Wheels, Axles & Acceleration

August 7, 2016 – TeamTREC hosted a workshop on wheels and axels. Learning outcomes: horizontal acceleration (car moving forward), vertical acceleration (rockets), friction (contact between tires and road), air resistance, engine power. The winning car? Light design, 1 balloon-powered engine and flexible wheels and axles. “Each week we start with a box of crafts. Then we build … More Wheels, Axles & Acceleration

Rockets, Juno and Jupiter

On August 2, 2016, Britannia Woods & Somali Centre for Family Services campers made 60+ amazing Apollo-inspired rockets! Supplies: Gatorade bottle, Star Wars labels, glitter stars, newspaper, neon elastics, NASA rocket diagram and a list of top rocket names (ex., redstone). Learning outcomes: oxidizer, fuel, guidance system, fins, cone, and Newton’s Third law of motion. “I … More Rockets, Juno and Jupiter

Fiber Optics, Cell Towers & Aquila

July 27, 2016 – Congratulations to the awesome campers at Britannia Woods, Somali Centre for Family Services and Catholic Centre for Immigrants on building models of laser beams, cell towers with radio waves, and fibre optic cables. Team TREC worked collaboratively with campers to build and label infrastructure/pipeline projects. Campers also watched a video on Aquila, … More Fiber Optics, Cell Towers & Aquila

Youth-inspired Arcade Games

What did you create? July 18, 2016 – Team TREC is excited to partner with awesome campers at 3 locations across Ottawa to build internet-connected arcade games. Supplies provided by team TREC include cardboard, paint, markers, stickers, scissors, aluminium foil, alligator clips, circuit board and Scratch (online invention kit). Campers prototyped and built some creative, … More Youth-inspired Arcade Games