Fiber Optics, Cell Towers & Aquila

July 27, 2016 – Congratulations to the awesome campers at Britannia Woods, Somali Centre for Family Services and Catholic Centre for Immigrants on building models of laser beams, cell towers with radio waves, and fibre optic cables.

Team TREC worked collaboratively with campers to build and label infrastructure/pipeline projects.

Campers also watched a video on Aquila, a lightweight drone developed and recently launched by Facebook. Aquila has a wingspan bigger than a Boeing 737 and will beam Internet signals for up to 90 days at a time to places without access to towers and fibre optics. Aquila and a fleet of other solar powered airplanes has the potential to bring Internet to 4 billion people worldwide.

A camper from Somali Centre for Family Services shared his thoughts on Aquila:

“Not every place has cell towers, radio waves or fibre optics. I went to a small village in Kenya with one house. That house had no internet. I like that Facebook is helping to connect the world to the Internet with a new drone called Aquila. Do you think Aquila can crash into the sea? How long will it take for it to reach its destination?.. I liked everything.”

To all the campers: Great questions, keep learning and congratulations on your creative projects! Thank you for collaborating with Team TREC.

cell tower 1cell tower2



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