Rockets, Juno and Jupiter

On August 2, 2016, Britannia Woods & Somali Centre for Family Services campers made 60+ amazing Apollo-inspired rockets!

Supplies: Gatorade bottle, Star Wars labels, glitter stars, newspaper, neon elastics, NASA rocket diagram and a list of top rocket names (ex., redstone). Learning outcomes: oxidizer, fuel, guidance system, fins, cone, and Newton’s Third law of motion.

“I know Chris Hadfield the astronaut! He played guitar in space”. rocket2

“Does NASA’s JUNO spacecraft have access to Internet as it gets closer to Jupiter?”

“I think JUNO gets internet from satellites”

“Can I name my rocket after “Bill Nye the Science Guy”?

“If rockets, planes and cars are connected to computers, and we have smart tv, can we have a smart home?”

To all the campers, we’re proud of your excellent question!



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