Youth-inspired Arcade Games

What did you create?

July 18, 2016 – Team TREC is excited to partner with awesome campers at 3 locations across Ottawa to build internet-connected arcade games. Supplies provided by team TREC include cardboard, paint, markers, stickers, scissors, aluminium foil, alligator clips, circuit board and Scratch (online invention kit).

Campers prototyped and built some creative, colourful and connected cardboard games with Little Bits (electronics for beginner’s), makey makey, and Scratch. We loved our visit!

Youth invented games: Whack-a-Donut, Tom and Gerry, Sky Dragon, Hoverboard, Operation game (robot edition), and Movie theatre. Thank you for hosting us Britannia Woods community House, staff and Mohamed Sofa. We’re inspired by your creativity!

Player #1 announces his Whack-A-Mole score: “Negative five”.


whack 1whack 2



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