Makey Makey by Britannia Woods

On February 13, 2017, Networking for Youth (N4Y) and high school volunteer Shivam Mehta collaborated with Britannia Woods to build connected game consoles. Supplied with coins, markers, cardboard and a console template, students built console projects as unique and playful as their interests and personalities.

This activity is designed to connect the physical (console) to the digital (computer) using simple electronic tools including USB cord, wires and a makey makey board. “This is like PS3!” said one learner. “Awesome!”

Future digital and physical projects include programming a Servo (a system that uses a small amount of power to control the power of a larger machine) to move a craft wheel up and down. Networking for Youth is project of Jewish Family Services of Ottawa and funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

With special thanks to the dedicated board members and staff at Britannia Woods including Melissa, Mary, and Executive Director Mohamed Sofa, for supporting and delivering after-school programs, including STEM learning, to the community.



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