Build a Gumdrop Geodesic Dome

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On March 6-7, youth from the Britannia Woods Community House and newcomer Syrian youth in partnership with the Catholic Centre for Immigrants were invited to build and name a Gumdrop Geodesic Dome.

Geodesic domes are approximately sphere-like structures made up of interconnected triangles. A famous geodesic dome is Spaceship Earth at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, Florida. Geodesic domes are also commonly found as climbing domes at playgrounds.

Supplies: berry candy and colored toothpicks. A tasty and fun engineering project for beginners! With special thanks to science buddies for providing this free lesson plan.

Top 9 Names Chosen for Geodesic Domes

  1. DNA
  2. Syria
  3. Melekh (King in Arabic)
  4. Spikey (spikes were added to basic structure)
  5. Double Dome (reinforced structure)
  6. Queen of Sun
  7. Queen of Evil (because if you poke it, it will hurt)
  8. Queen of Dress (the dome looks like a skirt)
  9. King of Knife (for its sharp points)


dome syria




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